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Thread: VGMV Hell(Work In Progress)

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    So i lurk and read mostly, though i do post every once in a while. Anyways, i've been working on this for a while now, on and off. But i always get side-tracked, doing school, work, whatever. Anyways, im really looking for some help. This is one solely based around video games, since i believe the content and the appeal is there. I have about 20 minutes of clips made, bad or good, to show off to people interested who might want to help. I just figured if there was any group interested in helping in such a project, it would be the group around here.

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    I don't know, I beg to differ, actually. We're all pretty lazy bastards, whenever we get an idea for a collaborative project, we tend to stop caring pretty quickly.

    But every one else is free to give an input.

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    Ionzorg is kinda right, very rarely does anything make it that far off the ground, cept maybe for some of the stuff in the off-topic threads...

    i'd say figure out about 10 more minutes and post it up, 30 minutes is never a bad amount of time for one man.

    EDIT: i had an idea today, but lack the resources to complete it. Song - back in your head | material: Halo, Cortona singing to master chief.

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