This is something interesting I that I found somewhere and thought that amvh could use to lighten up from doing whatever is dragging you down, it might end up giving someone inspiration for a new mini ep.

the rules are simple.

1) Use the entire song, and have it set to the show specified.
2) Make it appropriate for younglings to watch. (or not, but if you use kids shows please try and keep it appropriate, wouldn't want to scare them away from joining our ranks later would you? ) 3) Don't center on a specific couple unless specified/asked.
4) No multiple videos per song, one post per song/video-----per person, there can be multiple videos but just not from the same person.

My CAR is to have a Phineas and Ferb music video set to some of the following songs:

The Clash - Should I stay or Should I go
Natasha Bedingfield (sp?) - Bleeding Love
Huey Lewis - Power of Love, Hip to be Square, I want a new drug
ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man
Bryan Adams - Summer of 69

I thought these were strangely appropriate if used right. but come on and be serious, this is AMVHell, no video would be sacred from us for long.
Since I have no video editing skills it has been brought here for your amusement.
(didn't know where to post this so i put it here.) that I think about it, this sounds like just a weaker version of the large hell videos.