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Thread: AMV Hell Skit-titles

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    Default AMV Hell Skit-titles

    I wanted to wait until AMV Hell 6 came out so I could have it done before I release this officially, but **** it.

    AMV Hell Skit-titles

    What this repository contains is the current state of my work in skit-titling the AMV Hell series. I wanted to have music-video-style subs for AMV hell so that, when I failed to recognize something, I could back up the video a few seconds and find out. So far I've gotten AMV Hell 1-5 and Mini S2X4. I plan on working backwards for the minis, but that's going to take a minute. It's a git repo, so as I finish and commit, they'll be updated. If you use Github for Windows or another Git client, you'll be able to keep up to date by just syncing your copy of the repo.

    Update: Minis S2 done.
    Update: Iron Editor done.
    Update: Minis S1 done.
    Update: CE done.
    Update: I was able to just translate nmp303's work here into ASS files, rather than watch that hot mess again. Thanks, nmp303! AMV Hell 0 & /0 done. All accounted for until 6 comes out!
    Update: Best of AMV Minis done.
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    This is really well done, awesome job.
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    Updated. Please check top post.

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    Awesome! I was thinking of doing something like this myself, but now I can spend my free time on other things :-)


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