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Thread: The End of the World MEP (12/21/12)

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    Default The End of the World MEP (12/21/12)

    Alternate Link 1:

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    If you're reading this, then you're either already dead, or Camichan19, CodeZTM, Zanzaben, blaksun, EkaCoralian and I (Kireblue) managed to stop the Mayan prophecy by creating this MEP. If the latter is true, then we are able to accept anime plushies and figures as payment for our outstanding accomplishment.

    Kireblue (track 1)

    Camichan19 (track 2)

    CodeZTM (track 3)

    Zanzaben (track 4)

    Blaksun (track 5)

    EkaCoralian (track 6)

    Kireblue (track 7)
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