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Thread: AMV Minis Challenge - Rules & Deadlines

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    I'm moving this thread off of the forum front page. It can now be accessed under the "AMV Minis" menu from the top.

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    ok i finished my amv hell inspired video i want to enter it where do i go to enter to it it's tribute to the legacy of kain series i'm calling it Legacy Of Pain Butt Omen it's the same as amv hell but i'm only using video clips from the leagcy of kain games so i got alot of inside joke you could only really get if you know the series so do i just upload it here or send you a link to it here or what well here it is not sure if i'm doing it right
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    Reacted1991, what are you trying to do with your video? Are you just looking to share the video for the community to watch, if so then post it in the AMV Self Promotion Thread. Are you trying to enter the video in The AMV Hell 2015 Comedy AMV Contest, if so then you should enter the video using the link that was posted in the thread which is AMV Hell Contest Entry Form. Also if you are doing so, then you should have not uploaded it to YouTube for show yet and it would be best to have it uploaded to something like Dropbox for Zarx to download.

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