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Thread: AMV Minis Challenge #19 - WATCH & VOTE!

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    Default AMV Minis Challenge #19 - WATCH & VOTE!

    Challenge #19 was about the 80s. Which video was the most 80s?
    There was a TIE for the winner of this round!
    Congratulations to Video 03 by OutrageousChaz, and Video 13 by PrinnyCat!

    Mediafire download:


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    I dont want to like 3. But I cant stop myself anymore.
    4, 13, and 17 - all edited really well, but werent exactly funny.
    6- Overused song? Maybe, but at least it was done good. Closely resembles the source music video
    9- Good clip, and a +1 for the relevant censorship.
    12- Goddamn Jem clips. Made me laugh, though.
    The rest- Try harder, dammit
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    I enjoyed a few.

    02 Liked the idea behind this one, despite all the motor mouth.

    03 Have to admit, this one made me laugh the most.

    09 Thought this one was alright.

    17 Haha Now which JEM video to vote for...
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    I don't know if I just wasn't in the right mood to watch this one, but nothing here made me laugh. Could just be me. I'll come back and look at it again when I have more energy.


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    1: I have a feeling if i didn't hadn't seen "Akira, that would have died completely for me. That said, i still wasn't feeling it.


    ^ Hey buddy....see that? That's the unwanted frame that bleeded into your AMV. If you're going to edit with sped up frames like that, watch for stuff like this next time.

    Besides that, the editing while looking unpolished was sorta fun in a "cute way". It wasn't terrible...Just meh to me.

    3: I had to stop the video one second in to laugh my ass off for a couple of minutes only to watch it to the end and pause it to laugh for two minutes more. Now THAT'S outrageous....Truly Truly ****ing Outrageous! In short: "Gets my vote!"

    4: Interesting clip. The synching of the sound effects was spot on to the point that i got kinda...disappointed when the explosions and shooting in the last half of the clip was mute. Overall, that was well done.

    5: Sorry, the reference is in the back of my skull but i can't quite remember it. On its own the execution of it was solid to good.

    6: That's it!? At comic style panel writing that you want to reference like in the "Take on me" video isn't going to cut it. Need more than that.

    7: I couldn't really follow this one. All i can comment on is you probably shouldn't have had the first character's mouth move at all but keep the synch of the guy getting blown looked like an attempted synch...?

    8: That was an okay clip that was a bit fun for its length. However, i don't think it stands out much.

    9: I thought it was setting up for a punchline or something but it just ends. Clip left me wanting more.

    10: Same problem as 9 but with another problem...Given the changes in standards, unsynched lip flaps should be kept to a minimum whenever possible. I'm going to give the BoTD in regards to the quality considering this was 80's sources.

    11: Yeah...I don't get it what's happening and how it relates to the music.

    12: "Praise be to the virtue that is all things truly, truly, TRULY outrageous!"

    13: Another clip where the synching of the sound effects is mesmerizing (those lights) and helps suspend belief alot. Especially the gun shots. Really, well done even if i don't find it very funny.

    14: Love stinks...yeah yeah? Didn't do anything for me.

    15: The same exact issue as the earlier "Take on me" clip.

    16: I thought it was pretty meh. The lyrics didn't compliment the song imho.

    17: Thees nigs ight 'ere be outrageous, yo!

    18: That was a fun clip and i was totally into it, but then it just ended. Expected something more...Also, another unwanted frame! For god's sake, tighten up your editing.

    Outside of the OUTRAGEOUS this episode was a let down for me. Kudos to the guys finding 80's sources to make clips with, but if you felt obligated, you would have been better off taking advantage of the fact that you didn't have to use an 80s anime.
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    Yeah, this was all very "meh". Probably the reason I didn't get any of the jokes is I only lived 3 years in the 80's, and haven't seen many anime from that decade.
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    2 deserves to win, but it's not going to.

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    Well, I liked (3), (5), (6), (7), (9), 12, 14, 17, and 18.

    My vote is for


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    1 This sort of goes along, its mostly just a song over stuff happening. With a little weird syncs. Wasnt fun.
    2 Its starts of well. Then gets thrown with extra frames and too much forcing clips in by speeding them up to a stupid level and some really irrelevant filler footage. There is few clips that are normal speed and works well with the final part being very good. Ruined by the middle of the clip.
    3 What can you say? 10/10 would bang!
    4 its a good edited clip say aside from the slight and unessercy lip synch of "stronghold". However trailer/intro recreations aren't really funny unless done balls to the walls crazy.
    5 One of those injokes....I dont get.
    6 I donno how to comment on editing skills. However nice little joke. Not that funny but a little.
    7 Starts off like in the middle of things, which sort of leaves me unprepared. Slight literal joke of "standing tall" aaaaand.... we hit the actual joke."Gold" after thats its just filler. Not all that good a joke.
    8 Its so well edited...I cant tell if it was at all. So to me...its just music over the top of a scene and all that has to do with things is "hot ride" "riding into the sun" other than that. Neither goes together.
    9 Lols another Five Star Stories clip didnt expect to see another in this. Sort of ok clip.
    10 I understand the reference. That the final battle of of Macross is much like Transformers. One poor attempt at lip synching in this very low quality clip. If it was from the serise I can see why. However should have gone for the Macross Do you Remember Love ending fight. They keep that High quality. If you did use that one....well your sources are baaaad.
    11 The bird looks like the bird from the last story Heavy Metal and you put one way ticket to hell over that since it's pretty much the theme to it....aaaand.....what am I missing? oh yeah something good about the clip. There isn't any.
    12 Since we had so much 80s anime (or close enough) in this throwing in a modern clip really is off putting. Nice idea thats not really executed well or funny.

    13 This time last year I sat down and watched an anime called Lily C.A.T saw the Alien references and AMV hell 6 was being made. I said "I could make this as an alien Trailer." Aside from not becoming an editor here for another year. I never made that clip. I still have not made that clip. Why did I not make that clip....cos its not funny. Also guess what.....Alien the movie was released January 1 1979. Meaning Trailers were made in 78 and the filming was before even then. Alien is not by definition an 80s source.

    I was actually going to do this clip till three things, its 1979, it doesn't scream 80s at people and Its not funny. Whelp now someone has done it I can cross it off my idea's list and never think about doing it again.

    This clip is not eligible for this challenge. Other than that it was made as well as any Lily C.A.T Alien trailer mash up was going to be.

    14 Small joke.....and nothing much after that.
    15 I am sort of onboard with this one. its not a 1 to 1 however the joke is "everyone acts like they are rotoscoped like in Take on me" however it doesn't lead on very much after the first few scenes.
    16 What is even going on this clip? I dont get anything. Its just a song over a clip and I have no clue what the correlation is. There is no joke and no editing here that I can see.
    17 This is actually the only other contender to winning this thing. Marred by the fact I know this clip is from else were by a certain someone. I dont know if I got the full punch....however I know maaaaaany other people will. So maybe I can vote at the chuckles i get from that thought.
    18 I think i see the joke....but the clip is bad. Its not funny its boring and since its another "modern" anime in amongst 80s anime. It feel very off.
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    6) Made me chuckle.

    9) Clever and relevant use of censorship.

    12) I could sworn I heard N.P.C.C. have an orgasm.

    13) wut

    17) I think N.P.C.C. just orgasmed again.

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    #3 was funny, but I had to give it to #17 for the editing. I feel this really missed some highlights of the 80's and skipped over some good material.

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    1. Nicely done.
    2. A bit busy, but nice.
    3. Funniest one, but only because it makes fun of itself. Just because Jem was animated by a Japanese Company DOES NOT make it an Anime. It was produced by an American company, and has a very American style to it. Jem clips should not be eligible for AMV hell. Ever (unless it's one of those special minis that focuses on non-Japanese cartoons)
    4. It dragged on a bit, but I definitely saw how the Audio related to Sonic Soldier Borgman. Not bad.
    5. Going back in time, how is that reference hard to get?!
    6. BEST ONE. It looks just like the Take on Me video. Very well done!
    7. Decent.
    8. Done by yours truly! Akyho, This clip actually WAS edited. I guess I know how to edit videos well enough, but to make them interesting and/or funny? I'll admit, I still have a ways to go. Still not bad considering I didn't find out about this challenge until THREE days before it was due... but still not that great overall, I know. (Side note: my username had something to do with it being #8, no? I was born in 1988, and 8 happens to be my lucky number LOL)
    9. Another good one. Short, simple, and to the point.
    10. Video quality could've been better (I can tell they used a VHS tape), but otherwise very well done.
    11. This clip has the same problem my clip had--good song (One of Sammy Hagar's better songs), good anime (anything with Satoshi Urushihara as the character designer is bound to look amazing), but they don't exactly go together that well.
    12. Absolutely not. Jem + Modern Anime = Double Fail. No. Just no.
    13. I actually liked this clip quite a bit... too bad the audio is from 1979, which makes it ineligible. (Oh, if only those stupid Jem clips were also ineligible...)
    14. Nice
    15. Modern anime again... but even if it was an 80s anime, it still fails due to #6 using the same song and being so much better.
    16. I thought my clip had issues with the audio and anime not going together that well.... then I saw this.
    17. If I see ONE MORE ****ING JEM CLIP.... I will probably loose my head.
    18. Modern anime again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Teraforce88 View Post
    8. Done by yours truly! Akyho, This clip actually WAS edited. I guess I know how to edit videos well enough, but to make them interesting and/or funny? I'll admit, I still have a ways to go. Still not bad considering I didn't find out about this challenge until THREE days before it was due... but still not that great overall, I know. (Side note: my username had something to do with it being #8, no? I was born in 1988, and 8 happens to be my lucky number LOL)
    Thats the hard part. I aint an idiot with the editor program however having an idea thats funny is the hard part. Also my birth date is 18/08/88 the 8 is strong in me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akyho View Post
    Thats the hard part. I aint an idiot with the editor program however having an idea thats funny is the hard part.
    Especially when I had only had 3 days to do it since I didn't pay attention to like I should've been.

    Quote Originally Posted by Akyho View Post
    Also my birth date is 18/08/88 the 8 is strong in me.
    I was born on 4/1/88 (1/4/88 using the date format you used).... IDK, it seems like anything with the number 8 that I've encountered has always been good in some way. 7 is more of a bad luck number for me... weird.

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    Too much Jem, only the "Anno" Jem clip (3) was worthwhile too.
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