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Thread: [HELP] Color change after encoding !

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    Default [HELP] Color change after encoding !

    I have a massive problem, so I would be really thankful if someone of you could lend me out a hand:

    After rendering(uncompressed)> this is my result:

    Looks fine, right?

    But when it comes to encoding it to an mp4 file: here are the results I get:

    Zarx Amvsimple: BakeEncoder= exactly the same.

    These are my settings:

    Also I tried encoding with lagarith: But I am receiving a error with baka-encoder and Amvsimple, when compressing:

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    It would be more useful if you posted your settings for the compression encoding, since that's when you say the problem appears.
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    I have no idea what I'm talking about, but it could be a black-level thing where uncompressed is using the 0-255 range and the encoder is using 16-235 or whatever.

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    Try rendering the video as 1280x720, not 960x720. maybe the encoding codec thinks that its some DVD footage and uses wrong matrix to convert to YV12

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