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Thread: Improve AMV Hell Forums

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    Quote Originally Posted by pzykosiz View Post
    would it be better if threads covered a genre of anime, as opposed to one each (such as action/comedy/drama etc),
    or themed threads (such as by year/production company etc.)?
    That probably is a better idea, actually. We can always discuss currently airing anime in their proper genre thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by milleniummaster18 View Post
    Agreed, such places have their own "containment thread", and they live up to the title.

    Inherent disinterest in meaningful, constant contributions is perhaps one of the major reasons why threads don't branch out and become independent, not lack of focus. The containment threads serve as barriers that pile up very short conversations that do not have enough substance to live on their own (either because said conversations are incidental or they are done with very little resolve). Additional factors such as implicit thread creation discouragement, shown through many prior examples (with just reason in a lot of them, admittedly), also come into play.

    If you want to cut the pressure behind creating a new thread by designating a specific forum for those miscellaneous topics, I guess it's a good idea in that regard. Conversely, it would likely promote the creation of either redundant or pointless threads. That is, if they manage to get any influx of threads at all to make their worth. That's why I advocate against further sectioning off the forums: we don't need better sections; we need more responsible, progressive attitudes shown in regard to content creation.
    I don't believe "Inherent disinterest in meaningful, constant contributions" is the cause. Rather, that there isn't currently any meaningful discussions to join in on.
    On any forum, a user is far more likely to join in on an existing conversation, then to start one themselves. And the fact that new thread creation is treated with scorn, just adds to that hesitation.
    Those containment threads are few, and despite that, barely see activity most days. The main threads seeing daily activity are the image dump threads.
    Which like Backmask said earlier "finds as much discussion, possibly even more" then those generalized containment threads.
    A discussion forum would just be a way for a person to find discussion outside of nsfw image threads and containment threads which see rare activity.

    I'm also against redundant thread creation, but I hardly view a thread about a currently airing anime with potential for discussion over a period of months as redundant.
    I also wouldn't view it as "sectioning off the forums". These discussions don't currently even exist, so you can't really section them away from anywhere. It would just be about creating the setting for them to start happening.
    I know if there were a topic around a show I was watching, I'd join in on the conversation, and I don't see why others wouldn't as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by urahara1001 View Post
    Why would having short lived threads be such a bad thing? So what if the conversation doesn't last that long? Granted, I'd rather not have threads that just consist of a couple of posts that would be better left to the chatbox, but why is there such an aversion to threads that aren't likely to last for 100 some odd pages? I see this stigma come up a lot, and I really don't understand it. So long as the topic is interesting, what's the difference if it lasts for 2 pages or 200?
    It honesty doesn't make much sense, I'd be interested to hear the reasoning behind it as well.
    The only thing I've come up with is the fact that it may knock the more popular threads off the front page, which many don't go beyond. Other then that a person should be able to simply look past it.
    A simple solution would be to exclude the new forum threads from appearing on the front page, if a large amount of short lived threads became a problem in it(which i don't believe it would).

    Quote Originally Posted by thedarkmessenger View Post
    This is another problem: interest. Sure we could have a million threads dedicated to individual anime....but will even the most popular one last more than a few pages? Only way I can see any real conversation actually happening in any new threads would be getting a lot more new members joining for longer than "hit and run". I don't think the active members we have now will have enough interest in these threads to make them worthwhile.

    We can still try, of course. I just think it'll take more than just the threads themselves to achieve our goal here. It's not impossible, but it's also not guaranteed.
    What I had in mind was something like an anonymous poll thread based around each season, seeing what everyone may be watching and creating threads around the most popular of them.
    Call it the exceptional topic, but I've seen an anime discussion last quite a while when it had it's own thead. (even if it did devolve into insults like everything else.)

    Quote Originally Posted by Haar View Post
    Won't making threads for individual shows attract "the wrong crowd" anyway? Do we really want people so badly, we'd have a bunch of guys that weren't interested enough in AMVs in the first place to join up here, but will join up if we discuss flavor of the month anime #9258?
    If a person is at, then there at least interested in some of its content. Which makes them the right crowd for this forum.
    Plenty have come here with no interest in making amvs, but just for joining in on a topic of conversation and then eventually later picking of the hobby and becoming contributors. Myself included.

    EDIT: Believe it or not, I still enjoy reading these forums when some actual conversations do take place. I'd just like to see it happening more often, and I don't think it will on it's own.
    Zarx said earlier he believes the forum kinda sucks, which is a shame then if nothing is done to at least move it in a positive direction. Even if a discussion forum isn't the answer.
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