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Thread: Nominate a Judge

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    So if there would be another project that would require judges. Should we hold it up for election? If so, how would we present ourselves?
    Basically a sort of forum only minis challenge in order to choose a couple of judges? One round of candidate only judging and one round of electorate judging?

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    Well, before anything like that happens- we’ll obviously need candidates/volunteers to seriously step forward.

    If we do reach this hypothetical situation- a test of some description to determine a candidate’s suitability sounds ideal.
    Although- what kind of a test and how to go about implementing it is another matter…

    The way I see it- the prospective judges should be given a random set of AMVs for viewing, they individually view all of the entries and award a “pass” or “rejection” for each one.
    The community will then see the results of each individual candidate’s judging, and decide who produced the best collection of "passed" AMVs.
    Election aided by testing, essentially.

    I almost feel tempted to announce a MEP just to give this a dry-run…

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    I believe both the project with a need for judges and the actual stepping up of said judges would need to arise relatively simultaneously. As pointed out earlier in the thread, asking for judges when they don't yet have something to actually judge makes it kind of a moot point, and less likely that people will display their willingness when there aren't any specifics for what they'd be getting involved with. Likewise, trying to organize a project that would need judges and then not have anyone willing to participate in that fashion means the project simply won't go anywhere.

    Now, actually doing a side project to get a trial run going so that we have a starting sample to base it off of, that is a useful proposition. Doesn't mean we have to do this for whatever the main project for the community is at any point, but if we ever go to branch it out that way, we've got an example to see what works, what doesn't, and will have several people who could be called on to volunteer for that sort of thing again. If this is a call to action to get such a project started, I'm game.

    Also, since I was mentioned earlier as a possible nominee (if only once), and leading from my above thoughts: I would certainly be willing to take part, though I'm not sure I'm the best choice when compared to other options available. As mentioned, I'm still relatively new at editing, which I am keenly aware of, I have before and still do openly admit this. As such, I may not yet have developed as much of an eye for some of the flaws that are harder to catch, and which might keep a clip from being merely good compared to truly great. I do believe I've got a decent sense of humor and can form ideas on what is needed for the overall flow of a clip to function well and actually be funny, so I've probably got something to bring to the table. I'm still coming along on the editing aspects, I haven't capped out yet, so I'll continue to get better there. I don't know if the state I'm at now would be good enough for something more official, but if someone were to start up a trial run project and wanted me to take part as a judge as a try out, I'd be willing.

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