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Thread: How do you Editors Organize your Footage?

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    Wink How do you Editors Organize your Footage?

    Hey guys!

    So I've been getting the hang of using Sony Vegas but would like to get some information from all you editors. When you make an AMV, how do you organize the scenes/footage you want to use? Do you guys write down certain scenes or what helps you make AMVs efficiently? Some animes which I can remember very well are easier to work with and I could write down a lot of ideas which helped me make the AMV quickly. I actually like to remember some of the significant scenes in the anime and listen to the song, trying to think of the best way to synchronize the two.

    The reason I ask is because I'm working on a new AMV right now and want to know how some editors make amazing AMVs in such a short amount of time.
    This is my channel btw :3

    Thank you!
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    I have very little experience, but will answer regardless and you'll just have to take it as you will. When I built my PC, I invested in 12tb of storage (4x3tb) that I have individual episodes of each DVD I own parsed out and edit ready. I have an excel document with notes on each episode I have that I'm likely to use (though I think you'll find most don't need to do this, as they have an idea and can easily recall a scene and generally where it appears in a series in order to find it with little effort. I cannot do this as I have a ****ty memory.) Included in the notes I have thoughts or ideas of how I can use the footage but haven't necessarily found a use or larger idea for. This spreadsheet also helps for when I have a small space to fill in the editing timeline and need some inspiration as to what to input there, because I can ctrl+F and look for keywords in the notes as to what I think should fit there. It took a lot of time to get to this point, but I feel like I now save a good bit of time (and sanity) when I'm feeling most creative and in the zone because I don't waste that time scanning sources for something in particular.

    Best of luck!
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    Depends how familiar I am with the footage, and whether or not I know what clips I need.

    But generally I just throw a whole episode down on my timeline.
    If I know what I need, I just seek through to find that part, cut it out, and delete the rest.

    If I don't know what I need, then I just seek through the episode, cut out parts that look interesting or useful, and delete the rest. Then I end up with a ton of clips sitting on my timeline which I can seek through for inspiration, to try and find something whenever I'm stuck.

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