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  • [Woy] Petites Videomations - uncharted.mp4

    38 47.50%
  • A Prelude To The Mad House.m4v

    17 21.25%
  • Abaddon by MarkSoupial.mp4

    31 38.75%
  • Amv Compilation X.mp4

    10 12.50%
  • AMV ****ery.mp4

    28 35.00%
  • AMV_24-7.mp4

    60 75.00%
  • AMVHades-Malcolm.mp4

    22 27.50%
  • AMVRIP.mp4

    31 38.75%
  • AMVsickness.mp4

    9 11.25%
  • Crack.mp4

    5 6.25%
  • Fear&AMVs.mp4

    15 18.75%
  • jtheadeptrogue compilation.mp4

    6 7.50%
  • Kaptain K Rool's Crazy Crew.mp4

    2 2.50%
  • Legacy Of Pain **** Eater.mp4

    1 1.25%
  • Operation_ AMV mind****.mp4

    14 17.50%
  • PinkElephantParade.mp4

    19 23.75%
  • ShortStack-amvh.mp4

    4 5.00%
  • TheBlackBox.mp4

    3 3.75%
  • Unlimited AMV Works.mp4

    18 22.50%
  • untitled project.mp4

    8 10.00%
  • Yelrah's AMV Complete.mp4

    13 16.25%
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Thread: AMV Hell Clip Compilation Contest [NOMINATION VOTING]

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    Petites, 24-7 were very well done. I can't say I was laughing because I wasn't but they were fun to watch, then I got to jthead and it was bad, then I got to the final clip and I actually burst out out laughing, too bad the rest of the clips weren't like that one.

    Fear and Crack had audio issue, with some clips being so low
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    I'm gonna say the reason for the low amount of votes at this point is the large number of content that's required to watch in order to make a fair vote.
    Hell, I still haven't voted because I've only watched 4 of the compilations. We'll get the usual number of votes once things have been narrowed down in round 2.
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    There's about 123 minutes of video; that's just over two hours, or deciding to watch the whole thing rather instead of watching a movie or three episodes of television on NetFlix or Amazon. If anything, I'd say people are using time commitment as an excuse to justify not watching and therefore not voting.

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    Not that I would blame them. They're not missing much, honestly.

    They could just go ahead and pick Mark, Goy, and Chad's entries and they wouldn't go wrong (Well, they would go wrong with Goy there, but that's something you'll hear about soon enough).

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    I've had my fun. Ain't voting. Results not important.

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    Like it was said earlier, this is essentially to filter out the good entries from the not-so-good entries. Even with only 60 voters, you can start to see basic trends and get an idea of which ones are worth viewing and which ones are not.

    Took me about a good three hours to go through the lot, and that's including the time reformatting them so I could actually take a look at some of the videos.

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    Voted. Did my part.

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