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Thread: Been making some MTG videos

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    Default Been making some MTG videos

    After throwing away my shot working with a tv network, I have decided to make videos to weird out magic the gathering players.
    We never ask, 'Who is going to get this?' We say 'The right people will get it'."

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    This was actually quiet funny. Especially because I kinda like Saviors as a set.

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    World War 2 was fought over such artifacts as the "Spear of Destiny". World War 3 will be fought over things such as the "Xacto Knife of Destiny"..

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    Not sure what the **** i just watched, but it was mesmerizing.

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    Dear god you need a manicure.
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    Some cards got banned and I pay tribute to them.
    The "joke" with sailor moon is that within in the MTG storyline, the creature was sealed away in the moon.
    We never ask, 'Who is going to get this?' We say 'The right people will get it'."

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