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    Let us share our Spam and Scam E-Mails. I recently have been getting more than usual and certain ones I will open just to read the bull**** that some tard is trying (sadly probably getting a couple as well) to scam peeps with. So here is my newest one, and you just gotta wuv da punctuations...

    My name is Ms. Embry Delaney Glenn from London, I would like to have an important discussion with you. It?s private, for more details. Please kindly Contacts me on my email: Thanks, Yours truly Ms. Embry Delaney Glenn

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ming Pan <>
    Feb 3 at 6:05 AM
    My name is Ming Pan, I work as the head of audit within our bank's account management team. It has come to our attention while in the process to a new digital banking system that a late family member of yours still has an active account within our bank, containing a significant amount of funds. We are bound by law to transfer the funds to any surviving family member as the beneficiary of the deceased account. Please respond at your earliest convenience so I can send you the details to get this process in motion.
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