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Thread: Show your AMV creativity

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    sometimes you got to stop and say "What the $^&*?"

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    I did one in my old profile which was viewed quite a bit... due to the song, i still have it up for that:


    then i tried to remake it using a different style and a anime... i never finished because i took to long and i got a style of making amv in order.

    Amnesia finale?

    Though i would still have to say that the amv i made for anime banzai 2010 is the fav out of all of them, mainly due to the fact that i tried to make it for something even if it got rejected because of the bumper at the end.

    They don't believe me

    P.S. this was based off the joke in amv hell ce also youtube took the sound out when i uploaded it.

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    Sound got disabled on youtube.

    Some similar content to 0 and /0

    Collection of small amvs
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    Default Fairy Tail [AMV] - I Am Stronger

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    A courage the cowardly dog amv using a song from ICP
    A FLCL amv using a song from kid cudi
    A slightly dark amv using ergo proxy and the song last caress off garage inc album from metallica (wont understand without knowing the anime)

    I made these a few months back they were first attempts at tinkering with videoediting so im sorry if they don't look great

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    Please post any AMVs you wish to share in the AMV Self-Promotion sticky.

    I'm closing this thread since it's pretty much the same thing.
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