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Thread: Episode VIII The Last Jedi discussion

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    Default Episode VIII The Last Jedi discussion

    No Spoilers.
    Well I just got back from seeing the latest SW installment, and I thought I would open up the discussion by sharing my thoughts.

    Kylo Ren is awesome.
    Snoke (in person) is pretty cool.
    Luke Skywalker is PIMPIN AWESOME!

    Everything, I mean everything else.

    I almost hate this movie. It's a CGI disaster. Way, way too many ex machinas.
    Remember in Force Awakens when Han Solo says:
    "That's not how the Force works!"? Well.....

    I had many facepalm moments when they decided to hamfist some CGI action sequence
    in instead of good storytelling. Every character was written as some supporting role to a main that really wasn't there.
    Other than some quirky camera angles, and a nice display of ships coming out of hyperspace (which very quickly got overplayed),
    Rian Johnson didn't bring anything to series. The bulk of the movie was pretty generic and didn't even feel like a Star Wars movie.

    But, again, I will say Kylo is awesome. We do get to see a little bit of his backstory which is quite interesting.
    And, Snoke in person is pretty cool but a little predictable.

    The real and only reason tho see this is for Luke. He truly is badass. Just wait to see what he does when Rey gives him his lightsaber back.
    As noted in Brad Jones' Midnight Screening, Luke steals every scene he's in.

    If Force Awakens was a callback/reboot of A New Hope, this is a mash up of Empire and Return with a bunch of
    non-Star Wars bull**** thrown in.
    Overall, I'd give it about a 5.5/10, and it is easily my least favorite of all 8 movies.
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    Watched it on Friday, and have quick thoughts.

    It never came close to bad on my first watch, but there are too many strange choices made in the film that make me question how much the new director did his homework.

    - Awakens is a rip off of a new hope, and this one manages to rip off empire, and return of the jedi in the same movie.

    - The biggest compliment i can give is at least kylo is alot more interesting coming out of this movie.

    - Everyone is giving great performances.

    - Subplot is annoying, and pointless.

    - Attempt at romance is pointless, and I don't buy it.

    - They go out of their way to bury Luke.

    - They go out of their way to bury Poe.

    - I usually don't complain about this, but some of this movie is so badly edited I wonder why some of my amvs have more consistent cuts.

    - Alot of out of place jokes.



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    Had a conversation on this earlier, and the realization I came to is this: given that it's a Star Wars film, the fan base is going to argue and find fault with it somewhere no matter what. It could have been a complete cinematic masterpiece, and they'd still find some problem with something somewhere. So given the flaws that were present, in a way, didn't JJ Abrams give the fans exactly what they want?

    Yeah, I know that's kind of a cop out opinion, but what can I say? I don't think any of the problems present were worse than Jar Jar, and that's all I went into the theater wanting, so I got my money's worth.


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    I only have one grip with the film really...


    To me those two ways to handle Luke would have been much better.

    As for Snoke.

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