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Thread: Video Quality for Dummies

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    hello hello anime fanatics i have actually never posted on this site so dont know if anyone will read this or why they should care xarxrax u have provided me with much enertainment over the years thank you. i am actually thinking of making some amv,s myself when in a few months my schedule clears up quite a bit. im gonna be taking a trip to the other side of the globe and be there for quite some time dont know what im gonna do with my free time, not really a tourist type but im sure ill check out as much of asia as i can endure. in around october i will be leaving the states and hopefully i wont be stupid busy come this december. I know its a long time away to be thinking but i plan on learning how to make descent vids and my psyco sence of humer will get a laugh of 2 well thanks anime junkies for all the funny laughs that most people i know dont understand.

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    Wooo! A second chance! This time, with an actually good video editing software
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    Thanks for this guide. My brain is hemorrhaging every time I try to get started but with AMV Hell 6.66's release this will make the 3rd time I've sat through a video and felt my heart sing with the idea of providing my own content. Each time I drag myself to the brink of starting and back the hell out.

    At this rate season 7 of Minis may have an average-as-hell submission from me.

    (I doubt it)

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    I had to switch to Linux to survive, does anyone know any good editing programs for that?
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