AMV Hell 0

Premiered: September 23, 2005

Like AMV Hell 2, this video shows the more irreverant side of AMV Hell. And by irreverant, we mean its one of the most offensive, disgusting, pornographic, vile, worthless pieces of garbage ever conceived. This was created alongside AMV Hell 3, and clocks in at around 40 minutes in length. This is absolutely not for children!


Download page - only for people over the age of 18


# Anime Song Artist Editor
1 The Ring & Azumanga Daioh Sound Clip The Ring Zarxrax
2 Boku no Sexual Harrassment "Corn" Opening Aqua Teen Hunger Force AquaSky
3 Bible Black I Like Bukkake Dog Horse MexicanJunior
4 Puni Puni Poemi Sound Clip Family Guy Kitsuner
5 Elfen Lied Invisible Touch Genesis SSGWNBTD
6 Story of Little Monica What's New, Pussycat? Tom Jones Kitsuner
7 Dr. Shameless Dr. Feel Good Motley Crue Roll The Stampede
8 Azumanga Daioh Assistant Principal's Big Day Adam Sandler DownWithPants
9 Puni Puni Poemi Putti Putti Jay Epae FoxJones
10 Love Hina Easy Breasy Utada Hikaru godix
11 Various You Make Me Wanna Cum John Kamys ChaosProjects
12 Family of Debauchery Rover Take Over Lords of Acid Zarxrax
13 End of Evangelion If You're Happy and You Know It ???? SSGWNBTD
14 Elfen Lied Ricky "Weird Al" Yankovic Zarxrax
15 Tokyo Godfathers I'm Not a Fucking Drag Queen Peter Outerbridge Janzki
16 Bondage Mansion Whip It Devo Kitsuner
17 Eiken I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts Monty Python ChaosProjects
18 X Joousamamonogatari Joousama theocide
19 Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan Don't Lose Your Head Queen FoxJones
20 Golden Boy Mother Fucker on a Motorcycle Machine Gun Fellatio Kitsuner
21 Neon Genesis Evangelion "Psycho Dad" Sound Clip Married With Children CHAMELEON_D_H
22 Green Green Fingertips - 18 They Might Be Giants Jesmaster
23 Cool Devices S & M 2 Live Crew MexicanJunior
24 Berserk I'm Black Y'all CB4 SSGWNBTD
25 Wife Stacy's Mom Fountains of Wayne ChaosProjects
26 La Blue Girl Returns Oh Nick Please Not So Quick E-Rotic Zarxrax
27 Read or Die Maddening Shroud Frou Frou Jasper-isis
28 Slam Dunk There is Hate Pluton Svea Kai Stromler
29 Golden Boy Dunkie Butt 12 Gauge Roll The Stampede
30 Perfect Blue Rape Me Nirvana MexicanJunior
31 Hanada Shounen-shi Sound Clip "Got Milk" Commercial Zarxrax
32 Various Oh Yeah Yello ChaosProjects
33 Haibane Renmei (sic) Slipknot Dave_911
34 Cowboy Bebop: The Movie Coming 2 America Ludicris theocide
35 Bible Black Main Theme The Benny Hill Show Koopiskeva
36 Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi Karate Tenacious D FallenPhoenix
37 Various Suck My Dick Blowfly ChaosProjects
38 Story of Little Monica Come What May Moulin Rouge Kitsuner
39 Bible Black Da Butt EU MexicanJunior
40 He is my Master Unknown Reason Cales Kai Stromler
41 Darling Super-duper-man Toybox Zarxrax
42 Elfen Lied Forgetful Lucy Adam Sandler aielI_Ileia
43 Holy Virgins Hallelujah Rufus Wainright MexicanJunior
44 Neon Genesis Evangelion "Staying Power" & "I'm Gonna Love You, Just a Little More Baby" Barry White FurryCurry
45 Puni Puni Poemi Brick House Commodores Roll The Stampede
46 Neon Genesis Evangelion Bits and Pieces The Dave Clark Five Qyt27
47 Samurai X The First Cut is the Deepest Sheryl Crow Muddapunka
48 Puni Puni Poemi Fell In Love With a Girl White Stripes rogueintellectproductions
49 Golden Boy Special Avenue Q Kitsuner
50 UFO Princess Valkyrie To Another Galaxy Tokyo Ghetto Pussy FoxJones
51 Ogenki Clinic Dr. Dick E-Rotic Zarxrax
52 Berserk The Sign Ace of Base SSGWNBTD
53 Coed Affairs Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Cindy Lauper ChaosProjects
54 Elfen Lied The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow Annie SSGWNBTD
55 Viper (PC Game) & Pics from 4chan Who Let the Dogs Out? Baha Men Zarxrax
56 La Blue Girl I Touch Myself The Divinyls MexicanJunior
57 Ghost in the Shell Sound Clip Daria Orwell
58 Darling Footloose Bus Stop Zarxrax
59 Various The Penis Song Monty Python ChaosProjects
60 Azumanga Daioh Sound Clip Dolemite TsunamiJones
61 Akiba Girls Summer of 69 Bowling for Soup Kitsuner
62 Golden Boy Enormous Penis Da Vinci's Notebook Xenodrake
63 Bondage Mansion Are You In? Incubus Kitsuner
64 La Blue Girl Sound Clip "Herbal Essences" Commercial Zarxrax
65 Bible Black Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) Nancy Sinatra Roll The Stampede
66 End of Evangelion Elektronik Supersonik ZLAD! Kai Stromler
67 Fooly Cooly 7 Words Deftones Garylisk
68 Jungle de Ikou Witch Doctor Cartoons Zarxrax
69 Ai no Kusabi Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me Rocky Horror Picture Show Nikki Whitecraft
70 Body Transfer Every Breath You Take The Police Kitsuner
71 Dancing Lemon Guys Party All the Time Eddy Murphy AMV4000 & Tardo
72 Story of Little Monica Pussy Lords of Acid ChaosProjects
73 Darling Sex Machine E-Rotic Zarxrax
74 Bible Black The Touch Stan Bush Roll The Stampede
75 Love Doll Strokin Clarence Carter MexicanJunior
76 Black Widow Dance With a Dolly The Federals Kai Stromler
77 Beat Angel Escalayer My Heart Will Go On DJ Oblom & i_L Kai Stromler
78 Bible Black Sweet Transvestite Rocky Horror Picture Show Kitsuner
79 Full Moon wo Sagashite Y'all Want a Single Korn Garylisk
80 Ogenki Clinic Ding Dong Song Gunther Zarxrax
81 Sibling Secret Hot Sex on a Platter A Tribe Called Quest ChaosProjects
82 Story of Little Monica Good Vibrations Beach Boys Kitsuner
83 Puni Puni Poemi Sound Clip Finding Nemo Kitsuner
84 Blue Seed Toxic Britney Spears Venomi
85 Midnight Sleazy Train The Most Offensive Song Ever South Park Muddapunka
86 Golden Boy The Ballad of Chasey Lain Bloodhound Gang Shadowfox998
87 Excel Saga Ass Like That Eminem badmartialarts
88 Kite Father Figure George Michael MexicanJunior
89 Various Greatest Hits Ludacris Roll The Stampede
90 Neon Genesis Evangelion The White Stuff "Weird Al" Yankovic TimWizard
91 La Blue Girl Returns Sex Dwarf Scooter Zarxrax
92 2x2 Shinobuden Mope Bloodhound Gang FoxJones
93 Ranma 1/2 Androgyny Garbage Kitsuner
94 Nymphs of the Stratosphere Chocolate Salty Balls South Park Zarxrax
95 RahXephon Faggot Mindless Self Indulgence Koopiskeva & SnhKnives
96 Princess 69 Shock the Monkey Peter Gabriel MexicanJunior
97 Puni Puni Poemi Rodeo Song Chris Ledoux FallenPhoenix
98 Various Cum on Me Roobie Breastnut ChaosProjects
99 Bondage Queen Kate Like A Virgin Madonna Zarxrax
100 Super Milk-chan Sound Clip Glengarry Glen Ross SSGWNBTD
101 Ebichu Wynona's Big Brown Beaver Primus SpaceKase
102 Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan Trollhammaren Finntroll Kai Stromler
103 Elfen Lied You Kicked My Dog The Jerky Boys Zarxrax
104 Kite & Mezzo Forte Kung-Fu Fighting Dance Remix Carl Douglas Castor Troy
105 Serial Experiments Lain & Porn Sound Clip Porn Zarxrax
106 Wordsworth Old McDonald Had a Farm Barney & Friends MexicanJunior
107 Imouto Jiru Sound Clip Azumanga Daioh Zarxrax
108 Body Transfer All by Myself Celine Dion Kitsuner
109 Yuuwaku What's This? The Nightmare Before Christmas SSGWNBTD
110 Neon Genesis Evangelion Sound Clip Fahrenheit 9/11 Zarxrax
111 Venus 5 Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me Rocky Horror Picture Show Janzki
112 Immoral Sisters When You F%@#ed Grandpa Blink182 SpaceKase
113 Dvine[LUV] Verb, That's What's Happening School House Rock badmartialarts
114 Jungle de Ikou Some Niggers Never Die Johnny Rebel Kai Stromler
115 Story of Little Monica My Sharona The Knack Kitsuner
116 Princess 69 Come On Come On Smash Mouth Roll The Stampede
117 Nymphs of the Stratosphere "An Angel Gets Its Wings"(1) & "Ring My Bell"(2) Vince Gill & Trisha Yearwood (1); Anita Ward (2) Zarxrax
118 Family of Debauchery How Much is that Doggie in the Window? Patty Paige Kitsuner
119 Princess 69 Hokey Pokey Shonen Knife godix
120 Nymphs of the Stratosphere I Cum Blood Cannibal Corpse Zarxrax
121 Story of Little Monica Cherry Pie Warrent ChaosProjects
122 Nightshift Nurses Scatman Scatman John MexicanJunior
123 Shoyonoido Mako-chan I Love Little Girls Oingo Boingo Zarxrax
124 Azumanga Daioh Sound Clip "Hey Everybody, I'm Looking at Gay Porno" Zarxrax
125 Boku no Sexual Harrassment "Corn" Opening (2) Aqua Teen Hunger Force AquaSky
126 Credits Dinner The Evolution Control Committee Zarxrax