AMVs by Zarxrax

I have been creating AMVs since 2001. All of my AMVs can be found on my profile page.

Below you will find some of my "greatest hits" from the old days, as well as any newer videos that I happen to make.

I have also remastered the complete works of the legendary AMV creator known as Kevin Caldwell. If you are interested in seeing those remasters, or learning more about him, please check out this page.

Boat Trip (2023)

They're on a boat.

Home Alone / I'm Just a Kid (2022)

A video about a child who was abandoned by his family.

Madoka's Reputation (2022)

The original Madoka being a badass.

Believe in the Slam Jam (2021)

The new Battle Athletes sucked, so I decided to make an AMV with the old Battle Athletes.

Macho Man (2021)

My first standalone AMV in 10 years. I've gotten a bit rusty, but hopefully its still enjoyable.

All I Can Do (2011)

This is one of my best videos. At the time, I was feeling that I was probably at the end of my AMV career, with my skill and interest dwindling, and this would possibly be the last good AMV I could ever make. So the title was literally how I was feeling at the time. I entered this into the Masters Contest at Anime Weekend Atlanta. I had always dreamed of winning that contest ever since I first became an AMV editor ten years earlier. So when this video actually won, I felt satisfied that I had finally come to the end of my journey. Sorry, the streaming links got taken down.

58008 (2008)

Bouncing boobies from 300 different anime. Sorry, the streaming links got taken down.

Smashing it Old School (2008)

Shortly after Super Smash Bros. Brawl was released, I made this video from the game's cut-scenes. Just straightforward simple editing techniques. I think it turned out really cool.

Duck Season (2005)

This video was made for the 3rd Video Game Project. I combined a Duck Hunt remix with Azumanga Daioh.

Surfing on the Blocks (2004)

This was part of the Retro Video Game project, which features remixed music from classic games. My entry used a surfer themed Tetris remix. Part of this video came to me in a dream, which is why parts of it are kinda weird. This is probably the most technical and time-consuming video I have ever done. It was made entirely in After Effects.

Love Eternal (2003)

A Saikano video with In The End by Linkin Park.

Doujin Addiction (2003)

Another sexy video to follow up after "The Fanservice Video". When I first came across this "Manga Maniac" song, I knew an AMV had to be done.

Tod (Remastered) (2002/2019)

This video focuses on Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion. I originally released this video in 2002, then I created a remaster/remake in 2019. It's mostly the same video, but some parts have been altered slightly.

The Fanservice Video: Bouncing Back For More (2002)

"The Fanservice Video" was one of the first videos that I made which became reasonably popular. So a year later, I remade it, and improved it in every way. Sorry, the streaming links got taken down.