AMV Hell 2: Son of AMV Hell

Premiered: May 28, 2004

This video was created alongside the original AMV Hell, and both of them were released on the same day. The reason for AMV Hell 2's existance is because we had some rather "risqué" ideas, and we didn't want to pollute AMV Hell with them. In order to keep AMV Hell "family friendly" and able to be shown at conventions, we opted to move the more controversial stuff into a seperate video. We also tossed some of the other videos that didn't make it into AMV Hell in here. Kids shouldn't watch this. It's not pornographic or anything, but it has some adult language and nudity.


Unofficial YouTube link:

This video is included in the AMV Hell Ultimate Collection


1IntroductionRequiem - Dies IraeFrancesco VerdiZarxrax
2BerserkThe Andy Griffith Show Opening ThemeSSGWNBTD
Evangelion Cutaway 1
3Twin SpicaFantasy SpaceshipCreamyZarxrax
4Azumanga DaiohMad WorldGary JulesSSGWNBTD
5Words WorthMr. Ed Opening ThemeZarxrax
6Neon Genesis EvangelionChop SueyRichard CheeseSSGWNBTD
7MAPSMapsYeah Yeah YeahsSSGWNBTD
Evangelion Cutaway 2
8Perfect BlueFuck Her GentlyTenacious DNightowl
9End of EvangelionBitchesMindless Self IndulgenceSSGWNBTD
10Evan Get It OnTootsie Pop CommercialZarxrax
11Cowboy Bebop, End of EvangelionFor Those About to RockAC/DCSSGWNBTD
Evangelion Cutaway 3 (Crickets)
12Barefoot Gen"My Anus is Bleeding"Sound clip from "Rejected"Zarxrax
13"Evangelion Opus" AMV by ShounenDizzyCowMountain Dew "Bohemian Rhapsody" CommercialZarxrax
14Dragonball Z"I Have a Dream" speech by Martin Luther King, JrSSGWNBTD
15Barefoot GenDrop the BombScotty DZarxrax
Evangelion Cutaway 4 (Adam Sandler - Somebody Kill Me)
16Cowboy BebopMmmbopHansonZarxrax
17Ending (Azumanga Daioh)Sound Clips from "Freakazoid"Zarxrax
Evangelion Cutaway 5