My Thoughts on has been around for years, and I used it on and off back in the early days, and would always get annoyed with it and quit. They have continued putting out new content on a regular basis, and are now probably one of the largest and best resources of Japanese audio for learners. While everyone may have their own opinions, I think the majority of their content is not very good. However, I think they do have some really good content that is worth paying for. I will talk some more about which lessons I personally found the most useful below, to hopefully keep you from wasting your time or having a bad experience.

A lot of their lessons have a short dialogue, along with a much longer discussion about the grammar and vocabulary and things contained in that dialogue. I would spend some time on each lesson making sure that I fully understood the dialogue, then I would keep the dialogues to listen to whenever I could. I would listen over and over and over again. I'm still listening to them years later.

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My Recommended Lesson Path

In my opinion, these are the most important lessons to work through, and the best order to do it in. Please enable "Classic Mode" in the lesson library in order to find these.

Other recommended Lessons

They have a ton of other stuff that you can browse as you like. A lot of it just rehashes the same things that are covered in the other lessons, or are low quality lessons from their first few years. I like to stay subscribed to their free podcast feed in order to catch all of their new lessons.